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In recent years, with the boom of NFT market, the competition for NFT trading platforms has become increasingly fierce. MetaTrads is a new NFT trading platform, which stands out in the NFT trading market with its novel model.

Not long ago, MetaTrads officially announced that the MetaTrads platform intends to launch its official NFT, which is intended to be a benchmark project. MetaTrads explains that the platform is not going to stop exploring the metaverse, and that it will use a range of gameplay mechanics to maintain the value of NFT in the future.

According to official literature, the platform will maintain its NFT value in the following three ways.

First, the platform empowers NFT with innovative gameplay. MetaTrads will open up synthetizing play. When synthesizing is enabled, users will be able to combine multiple NFT cards in their hands into a new advanced NFT card, and the lower NFT used for compositing will be permanently burned.

On the one hand, MetaTrads uses NFT cards of different star ranks to open the profit gap of trade mining, ensure the liquidity of scarce NFT and attract users to combine advanced cards in large quantities. On the other hand, due to the scarcity of synthetic NFT cards, MetaTrads users will actively synthesize higher-order NFT cards.

This means that this series of NFT will be more valuable: with the combination of cards, there will be fewer and fewer official NFT in circulation on the market, and the price will naturally rise.

However, this isn’t the only gameplay on the platform, and the MetaTrads team never fails to be disappointed, and the team says there will be more gameplay to power NFT in the future.

Second, through the price mechanism to support the NFT to enable. Based on the price spiral mechanism, the selling price of NFT must increase. On the premise that the price of NFT cards rises steadily, all traders participating in NFT can earn the premium of NFT cards. As long as it is profitable for the trader, MetaTrads is bound to have more active secondary market trading volumes than any other platform, and thus, over and over again, the NFT project gains a higher financial value as the trade changes hands.

As more and more people understand the gameplay of MetaTrads’ official NFT and the logic behind its long-term appreciation, the platform will attract more new users to participate in trade mining and trading official NFT, and these NFT in the hands of users will have more opportunity premium to change hands, thus guaranteeing the rise of NFT value, forming a virtuous cycle. Create a new round of wealth-creating effects.

Third, the platform ensures the quality of NFT projects through a review mechanism, and accumulates consensus for officially certified NFT projects. The MetaTrads platform uses a strict review mechanism for NFT projects launched on the platform. This review mechanism will provide a basis for the quality of NFT projects launched on MetaTrads.

Using the success of the official NFT as a benchmark, MetaTrads has opened up high-quality NFT projects to the platform for initial trade mining and reproducing the rich effect. Since high-quality projects have high value and attract more players to trade, the platform will form a good reputation through this series of operations. Everyone knows that MetaTrads’ initial project can make profits. Therefore, the price of NFT launched on the platform will naturally rise and form a healthy secondary market.

In this way, the platform also helps to build the reputation of the officially launched NFT. People reach a consensus and believe in the quality of the first NFT project on MetaTrads platform more and more, and realize the value of maintenance of the official NFT. The high-quality NFT project launched on various platforms flourishes.

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